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Handmade Porcelain Retro Inspired Pink & 22 Karat Gold Pipe and Lighter Set

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This Porcelain pipe is first thrown on a pottery wheel, then immediately sculpted. Once bone dry, these are bisque fired to approximately 1915 degrees Fahrenheit, then glazed and fired a second time to approximately 2167 degrees Fahrenheit. Once cooled, 22 karat gold was applied and then fired a third time to approximately 1252 degrees Fahrenheit. This pipe is NOT dishwasher or microwave safe. Hand wash recommended. Soak in hot water, alcohol or Grunge Off Super Soaker cleaner for several hours to clear of any residue. Pipe is glazed inside and out and is completely functional. This pipe makes a great show piece, and present for that special person in your life. This item is handmade from scratch and is one of a kind. This is a set and includes a refillable lighter from @ThePeachFuzz, "When They Go Low We Get High". Lighter is not filled when shipped, you will need to refill with lighter fluid. Set does not include ashtray. Pipe weighs approximately 5 ounces and is 3" inches in length, and 1.75" inches in width. Pipe intended for cannabis use; must be 21+ to purchase. Limited Quantities. Thank you for supporting local!