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Handmade Ceramic Stoneware Satin Candy Corn Pipe

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These Ceramic Stoneware Satin Candy Corn pipes are first thrown on a pottery wheel, then immediately sculpted. The pipe is dried for several days under plastic under firm, then trimmed and placed back under plastic until dry (approximately 1 week). Once bone dry, these are painted and then bisque fired to approximately 1915 degrees Fahrenheit. They are then glazed and fired a second time to approximately 2167 degrees Fahrenheit. These are dishwasher safe, however with all handmade items care is needed. Hand washing recommended. Soak in hot water, alcohol or Grunge Off Super Soaker cleaner for several hours to clear of any residue. Pipe is glazed inside and out and is completely functional. Glazed and stamped on bottom with "2021" carved under stamp. These pipes are durable, and add a wonderful touch to your Halloween décor. These items are handmade from scratch and are one of a kind. Pipes weigh approximately 9-10.2 ounces, and are between 3.25-3.5" inches wide and 3.25-3.5" inches tall. Not intended for illegal drug use. Must be 18+ to purchase. Thank you for supporting local!