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Handmade Ceramic Stoneware Soap Dish or Sponge Holder - Satin Black Ceramic Dish for Kitchen or Bath

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These Satin Black ceramic Soap or Sponge Dishes are extruded through a custom made die. Once bone dry, these are bisque fired to approximately 1915 degrees Fahrenheit, then glazed and fired a second time to approximately 2167 degrees Fahrenheit. The final result is a durable piece of functional art that will hold your bar of soap or dish sponge while looking stylish. These have a great design that will add a simple, yet modern touch to any kitchen or bathroom. Soap not included. Handmade items vary in size and shape making each piece one of a kind. Each Soap dish weighs approximately 6 ounces, and is approximately 3.25" long, and 2.25" wide. These are dishwasher and microwave safe, however as with all handmade items special care is needed. I recommend washing by hand. Do not place ceramic over direct heat as it may cause it to crack. Thank you for supporting local!