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Satin Matte Black Drip + Black Mountain Handmade Ceramic Stoneware Mug - Wheel Thrown, Modern Handmade Kitchenware

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This Satin Matte Black Drip + Black Mountain Ceramic stoneware mug is wheel thrown, trimmed and then the handle is attached. Once bone dry, it's bisque fired to approximately 1915 degrees Fahrenheit, then glazed and fired a second time to approximately 2167 degrees Fahrenheit. The final result is a durable piece of functional art you may enjoy your morning cup of coffee or tea in. Please note the glaze is not an always perfectly even and does vary between mugs, this is intentional. These are handmade, and no two applications will be the same, which is intentional, this adds uniqueness to each one. Handmade items vary in size and shape making each piece one of a kind. Mug has somewhat course texture and is fully functional. Mug holds approximately 16 fluid ounces. Mug weighs 12.2 ounces and is 4" inches tall x 5.5" inches wide including handle. This mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, however as with all handmade items special care is needed. I recommend washing by hand. Do not place ceramic over direct heat as it may cause it to crack. Thank you for supporting local! @DesertBloomBtq